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Mold Testing in Lexington, KY

Everyone would agree that buying a Lexington, KY home is a good financial investment that can last a long time. In many of the Lexington properties you choose to purchase you’ll be required to have a mold inspection done. Even the real estate agents in the area understand just how critical black mold testing can be when it’s time for you to purchase. Many folks decide not to continue with a purchase once mold has been found. Having a moldy home or one that has the aroma of it, will drive down the cost of a new property substantially. If a buyer happens to smell mold then they will likely back out of the deal. The value of a home can drop substantially if this happens enough as most individuals will think something is wrong with it. A home with a certificate stating clean health is a powerful selling tool. The last thing you want to discover after you have signed on the dotted line is mold. Just before you go out and purchase a Lexington, Kentucky home you need to consult with mold testing services like 123 Mold Testing which can be reached by calling 888-412-0410.

The Significance of Having a Mold Inspection

In today’s real estate market, foreclosures in Lexington, KY are becoming quite typical. Foreclosed properties are particularly susceptible to mold because in most cases the power has been disconnected. The main reason this happens is because the heating and cooling unit no longer works which is actually a dehumidifier. If the humidity level in your neighborhood is quite high, then not having a working heating and cooling unit could create the perfect conditions for mold to thrive. Many folks also have the misconception that mold only grows in old homes, but in actuality it can grow in new ones too. Most newer home models are made to be a lot more efficient. This is great for the electric bill, but in some cases, due to lack of appropriate ventilation, can be favorable to mold growth.

Most mold removal services charge a lot of cash. Your health could also be at risk if you do not have it done. Even non toxic molds can cause severe allergies for people and pets. This is why it is strongly suggested that before you go out and buy a home you look for mold. This can quite easily be discovered through professional mold testing. No matter what type of real-estate you plan on buying, having a mold testing company is a great financial investment that will keep you and your family safe.

If you need a mold testing company in Lexington for air quality testing in your home, please call 123 Mold Testing right away to get a top notch mold test. We have well-trained mold specialists and high quality mold inspection equipment, so your home is in the best of hands. For a air quality testing quote please give us a call at 888-412-0410.

Best Way to Kill Lexington, KY Mold

“Can I kill mold?,” is definitely a question which is frequently asked. Mold probably cannot be cleared by individuals. 123 Mold Testing states it is a known fact that there are over 100,000 variations of mold spores in the Lexington, Kentucky area. I know, this almost appears to be unbelievable. The problem with attempting to eliminate mold by yourself in Lexington, KY is that it is almost impossible. Mold has been around since the beginning of the world. Twenty centuries ago, mold was even existent, based on a verse in the Bible. Mold comes in numerous variations, which is largely due to the fact that it has been around in the Lexington region for so long, and this can make it difficult to treat in your house. Lexington mold is tough to get rid of because of the large number of different spores, and the fact it has been around for thousands of years. Right after a positive outcome during the black mold testing procedure, mold removal needs to be used to totally destroy the condition. If any forms of mold can be killed with a spray remedy, black and toxic variations will not be two of them. The interesting thing about mold is the fact that there are approximately 100,000 distinct mold strains, and out of this, a very small percentage is toxic. What is commonly found in Lexington properties can be a possible health risk in some manner or degree, and people should call 888-412-0410 to arrange a mold inspection today.

Returning Mold and Mildew in Lexington, KY

Based upon what customers have told their mold specialist during a mold inspection, is that often when people believed they have destroyed mold, they see the same house mold return again and again. If you have ever had a mold and mildew problem in your bathroom, you know this is true. Mold can grow back at its roots, which is referred to as Hyphae, and this will not be visible. Numerous tenants have said that this situation has been discovered after having air quality testing completed. A quick fix by property managers might appear to be a good idea to them, but they find that their tenants end up cancelling their lease because of the returning mold problems. At that time the landlord attempts to kill mold with bleach or some type of spray, paints over it and puts a “For Rent” sign in the front yard. People have informed 123 Mold Testing that they had to leave their home or apartment soon after moving in because of feeling sick from the mold. We in addition provide service to Ontario, CA mold inspection amongst other places and states around the country.

Lexington, KY Residents’ Unsuccessful Efforts at Mold Removal

If you have ever had mold in your residence, you have likely attempted to simply clean it off with bleach. It may seem like a good option, but it is actually one of the more ineffective methods. When you are able to see mold you are looking at a mold colony which is literally millions of mold spores that have colonized together. Mold spores will be floating around each room in your home if you attempt to remove a mold colony on your own. By nature, moisture is going to appeal to mold spores. Mold also likes finding your heating and air-conditioning system because this allows it to distribute even quicker. By calling 888-412-0410, you can easily have a mold inspection performed by a mold inspector before the situation becomes a lot worse. Fortunately, mold testing is affordable. For more info, take a look at some of our venues: Pomona mold testing.

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